SmoothAir – Rear Door Heat Exchanger

Rear door heat exchanger solution is a easy flexible solution, with direct expansion system, high density cooling capacity, and smart controller system. It can be working seamlessly with HPC rack to handle AI, ML, and GPT applications.

Ideal for: Micro data center, small-medium-large server room, edge space, etc.
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  • Suitable for any rack.
  • Flexible piping design allows normal door open and normal access to server equipment from rear of rack easily.
  • Seamless integration with IT rack system. Easy transportation and installation.
  • Modular design supports easy expansion for future business developments.



  • High Efficiency with pump refrigerant free cooling, inverter compressor and EC fans.
  • Green refrigerant R134A with lower working pressure, zero ODP(ozone depletion potential) effect, and lower GWP(global warming potential)
  • Heat is discharged directly from the rack, high inlet temperature brings maximum energy efficiency.



  • Top level components ensures high reliability and long working life.
  • DX based design, no need complex water loops and manifolds.
  • Mature smart control system can control, monitor, and access the key working status locally and remotely.


Ideal for High Density Application

The growing demand for expansive data storage and computing capacity confronts data centers with a critical challenge. Traditional cooling solutions struggle to cope with rasing heat densities. The RDx system, functioning as a rear-mounted radiator door on the rack, facilitates efficient heat exchange with cooling gas or water. This minimizes the risk of hot air recirculation within the rack, ensuring optimal operating conditions for data servers.

Ideal for High Density Application

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Optimized Design

  • Less than 380mm additional rack depth, Adaptable to all height types of Racks.
  • DX based design, no need complex water loops and manifolds.
  • Upto 30kW cooling capacity and optimized cooling air distribution, to ensure even cooling effects within the high density rack.
  • Seamless integration with IT rack system, no need to separate hot/cold aisles.
Optimized Design

Intelligent Control System

  • Industry leading smart control system, with insightful sensor data and intelligent control logics.
  • All digital control to major components, maintaining optimum working status, and flexible adjustment per onsite working conditions.
  • 1000+ alarm records, and 7days history pressure curve records, 7days history temperature curve records.
  • Smart monitoring protocols: Web/SNMP/Modbus/Bac-net/Email/Dry contact/IPV6.
  • Built in web server support visit with web-browser from computers and mobile devices, can view ,control unit through web.
Intelligent Control System

Slim and Flexible of Modularized Design

Slim and Flexible of Modularized Design

Key Components

Inverter Compressor

  • Stable temperature control per heating load by adjusting compressor output.
  • Reducing energy cost and improve compressor working life.
  • Green refrigerant R134A no ODP effect.
  • Capacity adjustable 30%-100%.

Inverter Compressor

EC Fans

  • Best in class design and reliability.
  • Highest efficiency EC Fan system.
  • Speed adjustable 0%-100%.
  • Direct drive system no belts easier replacement and service.
  • Higher external static flexible for special application.
EC Fans

Electronic Expansion Valve

  • Automatically modulating refrigerant flow per system requirement.
  • Better COP performance during low temperature season comparing TEV system.
  • Better refrigerant flow feeding during compressor startup, to reach higher reliability of compressor working.

Electronic Expansion Valve


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