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To meet the growing demand for high-performance computing and artificial intelligence applications, the latest generation of CPUs and GPUs have higher thermal densities than previous-generation architectures, and server manufacturers are packaging more CPUs and GPUs into each rack. With market demand for rack power moving toward higher densities, This trend is propelling liquid cooling solutions to the forefront.

Suited for: High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence Application, Machine Learning, GPT, Energy Storage, etc.
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Development of Thermal Management Systems

Development of Thermal Management Systems

Why Liquid Cooling

  • When server power is 250-400W, the liquid cooling is starting to make sense.
  • When server power is above 400w for servers, the liquid cooling is the only choice.
Liquid Cooling

Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs)

  • Standard 19inch rack oriented design, easier Transaction to existing layout and data center plan.
  • Up to 50kW cooling capacity in 6U space saving dimension.
  • Mature smart control system can control, monitor, and access the key working status locally and remotely.
  • Easy to connect to IT server with self-sealed quick connector, plug and play.
  • Top level components ensure high reliability and long working life.
Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs)

Manifolds & Connectors

  • Manifolds are made of reliable stainless steel for rugged durability.
  • Combined with dry disconnects, self-sealed quick connectors, plug and play. Providing easy interface between cold plate loops in the servers and CDU.
  • Flexible input and output loops customization, support vertical/horizontal adaptive.
Manifolds & Connectors

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High-Efficiency Heat Rejection

Free Cooling Chiller

  • The unique natural cooling design operates in natural cooling mode at low temperatures, achieving low PUE data center design requirements.
  • Compatible with water, water/ethylene glycol mixture, and supports reliable operation in different regions and environmental temperatures.
  • Optional wet film evaporation cooling components pre-cool the intake air temperature, further improving the PUE value and system reliability.
  • Uses environmentally friendly refrigerants R407C or R134a.
Free Cooling Chiller

Dry Cooler

  • High performance heat exchanger system maximizing efficiency.
  • EC fan or VFD fan system modulating per ambient condition.
  • High corrosion design suitable for long time durable applications.
  • Top brands components of switchgears.
  • Suitable for water, and water/glycol mixture for different ambient temperature.
  • Optional wet-film system with evaporative cooling effects to pre-cool the air.

Dry Cooler


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