DCIM – Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring

DCIM – Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring provides comprehensive tools to manage and optimize your data center’s performance. Monitor power usage, temperature, and overall efficiency with advanced, real-time insights. Enhance your infrastructure’s reliability and efficiency today.

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All in one monitoring host with built in communication ports display panel, and management software.


Open to integrate other brands components such as UPS, Genset, camera, etc. Open to be integrated into central BMS by SNMP or Modbus-TCP.


Intuitive modular design with unique software logic, provides multiple view&management method from local display/web visit.


Full information of power, cooling, temperature, humidity, door, leaking etc. support comprehensive monitoring.


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Comprehensive Monitoring

  • One host supporting data collection, data visualization, and logical action.
  • -Full information of power, cooling, temperature, humidity, door, leaking etc.
  • Support UPS/AC with protocol of: Modbus-RTU, Modus-TCP, SNMP.
  • Support data/alarm reporting by SNMP or Modbus-TCP into higher central BMS/DCIM.
  • Multiple View and control method, from local display or web visit.
  • Alarm alert by SMS or phone call or 3-color light and sound.
  • Door and top panel open during fire event.
  • Stop cooling during fire event.
Comprehensive Monitoring

Unique Security Integration

  • Seamless integration of Attom Video and Access Control systems.
  • Real time monitoring and control door access via DCIM from local monitoring display.
  • Detect real time door status inside DCIM.
  • Check real time video stream from local display or web access.
  • Switch video camera channel freely to view the overall status.
Unique Security Integration

Versatile Display Options

  • Standard with all in one monitoring host, built-in 10 inch color touch display, web portal, communication ports and management software. wall mounted type, do not occupy U space.
  • Optional Remote 10”/21”/43” touch display,  combined with 1U type monitoring host, provides better visibility and flexible installation methods to meet the needs of more application scenarios.
Versatile Display Options


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