AgileMod Prefabricated Modular Data Center Solution in Dubai & UAE

The one-stop solution for sustainable digital efficiency and protection.

Fully integration with smart monitoring, low PUE cooling technologies, high reliability power supplies, full method access control and security protections.

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Innovative Prefabricated Data Centers by AgileMod in Dubai & UAE

We offer a compelling option for businesses in Dubai and the UAE seeking a scalable and efficient AgileMod data center solution. This prefabricated modular design allows for quick deployment and easy scaling as your IT needs evolve. Optimized PUE and green cooling technologies potentially translate to lower energy consumption and costs.

While list distributors for AgileMod in Dubai or the UAE specifically, contacting them directly is your best bet. Consider exploring colocation services from established providers or looking for UAE distributors of modular data centers for a wider range of options. Remember to compare AgileMod with other solutions before making a decision.

Optimized PUE and Green Efficiency

  • Free cooling with refrigerant-type indirect free cooling.
  • Aisle containment no energy loss from cold/hot air mix.
  • High-efficient components include inverter compressors, EC fans, and green refrigerant.
  • Real-time PUE measuring and monitoring.
  • UPS supports ECO energy-saving mode.

Smart Management and Monitoring

  • LEGO-style standard product modules for easy duplicated management.
  • Local and remote monitoring protocol for easy control and visualization.
  • Real-time alert/notification for peace of mind performance.
  • Easy purchasing, installation, and service process with pre-defined designs.

Integrated Protection and Security

  • TIER 1~4 design compatibility.
  • Secure access control of each door.
  • Compatible with fire system by automatic action to top panels and air conditioners.
  • Video surveillance with live view and backup recording.

The Seamlessly Integrated Systems

Cooling System

  • The compatiable precision cooling system including Row Cooling, Room Cooling and Liquid Cooling, removes heat and creates appropriate working temperature and humidity environment for critical IT equipments, while consumes lower energy benefiting from hot/cold air management design.
  • Indirect Free Cooling further saves energy to lower down PUE below 1.1.
Cooling System

Power System

  • Modularized power system, including UPS(Uninterruptible power supply), and rectifier system provides good power quality protecting IT equipment from poor power conditions and power outages.
  • Matching with Lithium or VRLA battary system which is configurable with backup time from 5 minutes to 12 hours to guarantee business continuity.
Power System

DCIM Monitoring System

  • The monitoring system collects and displays all Data Center Infrastructure information, such as temperature & humidity, smoke, door opening, power and cooling status.
  • Supports remote web access, email alert, SMS alert, and SNMP/Modbus-TCP integration.

DCIM Monitoring System

Containment System

  • Containment and rack systems provide safe space for IT equipment installation and cable management.
  • Best in-class airflow management including the containment modules of a skylight, containment door, rack side sealing, rack brush sealing, and blanking panels.
  • Compatible with fire system with top panel flip and containment door auto-open.

Containment System

Security System

  • 3 in 1 (fingerprint/pin/RFID) access control system provides full protection and supports user management and logging records.
  • Video surveillance system provides remote video monitoring to learn assets status in any time of situation.
  • A centralized security management console easily manages the IT asset access level, privileges, and history records.

Security System

Fire System

  • The room-mounted fire system automatically detects the system fire status and releases the built-in FM200/Novec1230 gas to extinguish the fire.
  • An early-stage aspiration-type fire detection system sends an alarm before the fire causes any damage.

Fire System


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